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S 6000T Sweeper attachment

Type 6000T Sweeper attachment

Assembly onto a truck chassis, suitable for TRILETY-road sweepers, to be delivered free of charge to our works Hallein

Basic equipment:

Motor fan unit, consisting of IVECO-turbo-diesel engine, type 8045 Se capacity 81 kW, with clutch coupling, electro-pneumatically controlled, automatic engine control, raised exhaust unit, heavy duty fan unit, hand accelerator on the control panel

Sweeping container, capacity 6 m3, with an observation flap on the right-hand side and a cleaning flap above the discharge flap, floor panel made of stainless steel (material 1.4301), hydraulic locking of the discharge flap, integrated water tank, lined with synthetic material, capacity 1000 l

Spray-water unit with dry-run proof diaphragm pump, 50 l/min @ 40 bar, hydraulically driven

right-hand side mounted sweeper suction unit, suction hood 600 mm wide, with inner lining, bulky debris pick-up flap, 1 disk brush,
700 mm ø

Stepless speed control on the chassis frame

Cab-controlled ground pressure regulation

Extension roller brush, length 1500 mm, 400 mm ø

Automatic locking of the raised sweeper suction unit

Automatic raising of the sweeper suction unit when shifting into reverse gear

Central control panel in the cab for directing the sweep and suction equipments

Safety device preventing overtipping of the container, to be unlocked pneumatically

2 rear wheel mudguards made of synthetic material

Spray-water hose 3/4", hydrant filling hose, hydrant key

Working beamlights

Load control

Standard painting, colour RAL 2011, units the same colour as frame

Rear bumper

Warning marks

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