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WBH - Telescoped street washing bars

Telescoped Street Washing Bars WBH

For assembling onto the chassis with front attachment panel

Basic equipment WBH:

Hydraulically shiftable

Lateral side impact shock absorber

Jet pipe and jet nozzles made of stainless steel

Galvanized guiding tube

Exchangeable plastic sliding pulleys

Additional connections for water hose

Washed width in side-shifted position approximately:

WBH 25   1.400 – 2.350 mm

WBH 30   1.800 – 2.800 mm

WBH 35   2.000 – 3.280 mm

WBH 40   2.500 – 3.800 mm

Lifting of the unit hydraulically

Water tanks made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, aluminium steel or stainless steel, capacity 1.500 to 12.000 litres

Water pumps, driven over the PTO, hydraulic system or auxiliary


The power of the water pumps depending of the drive 100 – 650 l/min @ 10 – 200 bar

Different side nozzles and hydraulically controlled lateral nozzles.

Different hose rails manually, spring-pull or hydraulically driven

Cable or radio remote control units.

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