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Attachments for cleaning of rail grooves

Rail groove cleaning attachments

Standard equipment:
- made of stainless steel
- capacity 2 - 8 m³ (depending of the carrier vehicle)
- water tank capacity 400 - 3000 l (depending of the carrier vehicle)
- noise reduced superstructure
- hydraulically tipping of the hopper
- pneumatically actuated locks for the suction duct
- glass tube for the controll of water level

Suction fan:
- suction power 12.000 - 24.000 m³/h
- suction fan hydraulically driven over the carrier vehicle hydraulic system or auxiliary engine

Watering system:
- water pump max. power 50 l/min @ 40 bar
- water nozzles in both suction mouths for fighting the dust

Rail grove cleaning system:
- Track car between the axels
- wheels with ball bearing, 250 mm diameter
- 2 suction hoses
- pneumatically adjustable cleaning chisels
- pneumatically lifting and lowering of the cleaning unit
- automatically locking of the cleaning unit in transport position

- Video system for inrailing controll

Optional equipment:
- high pressure water system max. 30 l/min @ 500 bar
- cleaning and/or cutting jet nozzles in the suction mouth
- protecting rubber curtain
- rail head or groove brushes

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