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Street washer vehicles

Street washer vehicles - Video
Street washer vehicles

TRILETY has specialised in the development and production of machines and equipments for cleaning streets. Streets can be swept or washed. Besides offering a wide range of large, medium and small sweepers the company also produces a great variety of street washing equipments:
- front mounted street washing beams
- complete street washing trucks
- high pressure units capable of coping with most requirements

TRILETY does not produce standard vehicles but provides machines made to customers´ specifications and designed to meet local requirements:

Street washing trucks with p.t.o. drive, hydraulic drive or with auxiliary engines

Fixed attachments or quick change attachments

Water tanks made of stainless steel, aluminium or fiberglass

Street washing beams mounted onto a front attaching plate or between the axles

Extra cab-controlled broad jet nozzles

Mechanically or hydraulically driven hose reels

Al TRILETY - products are built according to our company philosophy:high qualityy, easy and safe handling, highest technical standard.

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