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TKK-M11 Sweeper Attachment

Sweeping container made of stainless steel (material 1.431), capacity
approx. 1.1 m³, Suction fan 7,800 m³/h by max. 5,600 rpm. Separate water
tank made of stainless steel (material 1.431) with capacity of 280 L. 
Suction hose Æ150 mm fitted over the vehicle cabin.
Front mounted 2
brush sweeping unit with swivelling-out and height- adjustable disk
brushes. The suction hood with bulky debris flap is mounted on a swing
arm which can be lifted using the hydraulic mounting plate.
Operating panel for control of all required funtions in vehicle cabin.
pressure water spraying system with up to 7 nozzles for an efficient
reduction of dust on the brushes and in the suction hood.
Hand suction hose Æ 125 mm (lengh approx. 4 m) for manual suction operation.

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