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TKK-M10 Sweeper Attachment

Suction hopper made of aluminium with a volume of approx. 1.0m3.
High performance suction fan with max. 7,800 m3/h at max. 5,600 min-1.
Separate fresh water tank with 200l volume made of stainless steel (1.4301)
Suction-Hose with Ø 180mm, approx. 4,000 mm length incl. suction tube. 
Painting colour RAL 1023 yellow  or RAL 2011 orange

2-Brush-System with swingable and mechanical vertical adjustable disc brushes (each Ø 900mm). Max. sweeping width approx. 2,000mm. The suction mouth is equipped with an electrical adjustable bulky debris flap. The unit can be lifted hydraulically.

Control panel in the cabin for controlling all relevant functions of the system.

Water-Spray-System (12V electric pump) for prevention of dust around the brushes and inside the hopper.

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