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MCK2L Sweeper Attachment

Basic equipment:

Sweeping container
- made of stainless steel (EN 1.4301) hopper capacity approx. 3.3 m³
- observation flap on left and right hand
- separate water tank made of stainless steel ( EN 1.4301), gross capacity
  approx. 350 l.
- high tipping system - tipping heigth approx. 1400 mm,
- hydraulically locking and delocking of the rear flap
- debris deflector made of steinless steel (EN 1.4301)

Sweeper-suction unit
- placed between the axles with right hand suction
- consisting of one roller broom (1100mm long, 300mm Ø), one disc brush
  (560 mm Ø) and a suction nozzle
- pneumatically controlled bulky debris flap, actuated over control panel
- working width approx. 1800mm
- lifting of the unit pneumatically
- ground pressure and speed control of the brushes can be regulated stepless over
  the regulators on the frame
- automatically rising when shifted into reverse gear
- working spot light

Heavy duty suction fan
- driven by the vehicle-hydraulic,
- max. suction power 11000 m³/h at max. 3300 min-1
- vacuum of max. 1000 mm wc

Spray water unit
- electric pump 12 V 
- solenoid valves and jet nozzles on the disc brushes and in the suction hood
- connection for a jet hose to facilitate cleaning of the machine

Control panel
- clear arrangement of the essential control functions

Air pressure system (pneumatic system)

- electrically driven compressor with suction air filter and solenoid valve control block
- air tank with 20 l capacity

Fuel tank
- mounted in the back side of M31, capacity of the fuel tank approx. 70 Liter
- filling orifice, placed on the rear side
- using the level indicator of the M31

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