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TK - Sweeper Attachment for Unimog Euro 5

TK - sweeper attachments for Unimog vehicles

Suction-Sweeper attachment designed as additional equipment for prepared UNIMOG U 400 and U 500 chassis with short and long wheelbases.

Basic equipment:

Hopper made of stainless steel (DIN 1.4301), observation flaps on the left and right side, integral water tank made of stainless steel (DIN 1.4301).
TK 35 – hopper capacity 3,7m³ water tank capacity 800 l
TK 50 – hopper capacity 4,5m³ water tank capacity 1.000 l
TK 55 – hopper capacity 5,0m³ water tank capacity 1.360 l
TK 65 – hopper capacity 6,3m³ water tank capacity 1.500 l

Automatically lowering suction filter-grid, hydraulically operated hopper rear door, waste water drain unit on the sweeping container rear flap with coupling. Storz „B“. Rear chute made from stainless steel (DIN 1.4301) under the flap.

Basic frame for ball and socket system of the Unimog including the storage for 4 support legs, for the easy dissembling of the sweeper

Heavy-duty suction fan, hydraulically driven by an axial-piston engine, air flow at full power max. 12.000 m³ and a vacuum of max. 1.100 mm water-column. Noise isolated air outlet drain.

Sweeper suction unit, right-hand side mounted, with one disc brush 700 mm Ø, pneumatically lifting and swivelling, speed control and ground pressure device operated from the frame, 550 mm wide suction hood, and suction hose 250 mm Ø
extension roller brush 350 mm Ø (U 300) and 400 mm Ø (U 400) 1.500 mm long or extension disk brush,
1.000 mm Ø, also with speed control and ground pressure device operated from the frame. Automatically rising of the suction units after shifting into reverse gear.

Working beam light
Attachment device for the mounting cart

Spray-water unit with a hydraulically driven diaphragm pump, 50 l/min at max. 40 bar, with water filter, solenoid valves for the control of water supply, water nozzles in the suction hood and on every brush, hose for filling the water tank and washing hose.

Hydraulic System: hydraulically solenoid valve block with overpressure security valves for the control of the brushes, rear door of the waste container, water pump drive and all other necessary cylinders and oil flow regulators.
The hydraulic circuit for the suction fan drive is an own separated circuit equipped with a special flow-watcher and a dry-run protection system, to avoid to high rpm of the hydraulically engine during the sweeping process and to protect the suction fan drive from running dry, during the turning off period.

Pneumatic system with pistons for lowering and raising the sweeping unit, a pneumatic solenoid valve block for the control of the sweeping unit and pressure regulators for adjusting the ground pressure and swivelling power of the brushes.

Electrical system of the sweeper with a control panel in the cab, mounted onto the quick connection of the UNIMOG and a distribution box for the electrical system mounted on the attachment frame.
Flashing beacon device on the back side of the superstructure.
Sweepers for the Unimog equipped with an ISO-BUS system will be delivered without the separate control panel in the cab.
Attention! You will find the extra charges for ISO BUS system in the list of optional equipment!

-    Hopper in the standard –colour RAL 2011
-    Frame and sweeping units galvanized.

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