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TSW 2 Scrubber

Trilety TSW 2 scrub deck for mounting 
on the front attachment device of the
small sweepers TRILETY TK-M29, HAKO Citymaster 2200
and BUCHER CityCat2020.

The scrub deck consists of
3 hydraulically driven disc brushes
with Ø 460 mm. The brushes are directly
connected to the front mounting plate / attachment
triangle of the attachment via its own separate
lifting device. The scrub width is 1.250mm.
The gimbal connection between the brushes and the
hydraulic motors ensures optimum adaptation of the brushes
to uneven floors. Immediately behind the brush unit,
the suction mouth is positioned. The suction width is 1,460mm.
By dividing it into 2 suction hoses (each 120mm dia.)
The entire scrub deck can be lifted higher.
The two suction hoses are then brought together and
connected to the center of the carrier vehicle.
Optionally, it is possible to operate the scrubbing disc
and the suction hood independently of each other
see option "Suction hood stroke").
The water system of the attachment consists of a
water nozzle over the scrub brushes. The water is
distributed over recesses in the brush plates on the floor.
The system is powered by its own separate water pump on the
attachment. The power of the water pump is infinitely
adjustable from the driver's cab. The switchover between
the fresh water system and the waste water system takes
place via a 3-way stopcock on the front attachment.
Holder for detergent incl. Dosing unit on the device is
intended for 5l standard canisters. The dosing unit is
screwed on instead of the canister lock, the ratio between
water and cleaning agent is regulated by exchanging
the nozzle inserts in the dosing unit.

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