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TS31 Sweeper Attachment

Sweeper attachment TS31..

For assembly onto the municipal vehicle of Aebi VT450, Reform Muli T10X und Lindner Unitrac 112.

Basic Equipment:

Sweeping container made of steel. botom made of stainless steel, capacity 3,4 m3, observation flap on the right- and left-hand side, with integrated water tank, made of stainless steel, capacity approx. 870 l. The machine is assembled onto the tipper mid frame. The tipping of the hopper can be done over the vehicle tipping hydraulic piston.

Sweeper suction unit assembled between the axles of the vehicle. consisting of 2 disc brushes 900mm Ø each, and a 400 wide suction nozzle between them. The suction nozzle is equipped with a remote controlled, electrically actuated bulky debris flap.

Hydraulically driven heavy duty suction fan.

Spray-water unit with electric pump 12 V with solenoid valves and jet nozzles on the disk brushes and in the suction hood, connection for a jet hose to facilitate cleaning of the machine.

Central control panel in the cab for directing the sweep and suction equipments

Working beam lights

4 support legs, disassembling aprox. 20 minutes when mounted onto ball-socket system, or 45 minutes when mounted onto the chassis frame.

Hydraulic system for suction fan drive

standard painting colour RAL 2011

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